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Queensland has some of the toughest penalties for Drug possession and trafficking in Australia. If you have been charged on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane for any drug related offence, it’s vital you contact an experienced criminal law expert to reduce the risk of a hefty fine or prison sentence. Garde Wilson Lawyers responds quickly to your need for specialised legal representation and works tirelessly to ensure the best outcome in your matter. Day or night, we’re available to provide timely, accurate advice and step in to fight for you freedom and future.

Drug Offences in Queensland

Queensland has a track record of being tough on drugs. The illegal possession of even small quantities of controlled substances, and first time offences can attracted stiff penalties. The most important offences related to dangerous drugs are created by the Drugs Misue Act 1986 (Qld). These include:

  • trafficking in dangerous drugs (s 5)
  • supplying dangerous drugs (s 6)
  • receiving/possessing property obtained from trafficking or supplying dangerous drugs (s 7)
  • producing dangerous drugs (s 8)
  • publishing or possessing instructions for producing dangerous drugs (s 8A)
  • possessing dangerous drugs (s 9)
  • possessing, supplying and producing relevant substances or things such as chemicals and apparatus used to manufacture dangerous drugs (ss 9A–9C)
  • possessing things used in connection with a crime involving dangerous drugs (s 10)
  • possessing certain property reasonably suspected of having been used or involved in the commission of some drug-related offences (s 10A)
  • possessing prohibited combinations of certain items (e.g. chemicals commonly used to manufacture dangerous drugs) (s 10B)
  • permitting premises to be used for drug offences (s 11).

Drug Diversion Programs in Queensland

Drug Diversion programs are designed to provide the eligible people with the opportunity to avoid prosecution and participate in a health intervention to address drug use behaviours. This does not legalise or decriminalise the possession of controlled drugs, rather is an alternative to prosecution given to police under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld) (s 379).


To be eligible for drug diversion a person must:

  • be arrested for, or questioned about, a minor drugs offence
  • not have committed another indictable offence in circumstances related to the minor drugs offence
  • not have been previously sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment for supply, trafficking or production of a dangerous drug or precursors
  • not have been previously convicted of an offence involving violence against another person or if they have, the rehabilitation period under the Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 ​must have expired
  • admit to having committed the minor drugs offence during an electronically recorded interview, and
  • not have previously been offered drug diversion by a police officer.

Minor drug offences are the possession of 50g or less of cannabis, or possession of a thing that is used or has been used for smoking cannabis. They do not include offences involving the production, supply, or trafficking of cannabis.


If a person participates in and completes a drug diversion assessment program they:

  • Will not be charged with a criminal offence for the minor drugs offence;
  • Will not have to attend court for the minor drugs offence; or
  • Will not have a criminal record for the minor drugs offence.

They will also learn about the consequences of illicit drug use and get access to information and support to stop their drug use.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

Police have a way of asking innocent sounding questions that are designed to extract more information than you know is good for you. The worst thing you can do, when charged with a drug offence, is submit to police questioning without a lawyer present.

A drug sentence on your criminal record can have a big impact on your life. It can restrict travel opportunities, prevent you from getting a professional licence, and even effect an application for rental accommodation. So, never be rude, aggressive, or uncooperative, but always, always confidently assert your right to legal representation – and get the best you can afford, straight away.

Have You Been Arrested for Drug Possession?

Whether you’ve been released and awaiting court or are being held in custody, Garde Wilson Lawyers is ready to provide you the legal representation you need to avoid a prison sentence. We have extensive experience helping people charged with drug offences obtain drug diversion programs and avoid prosecution.

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