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Being served with a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane can be as serious, or even more serious, as a criminal charge. A person receiving a domestic violence order may be forced to leave their family home, be refused access to their children, along with limitations imposed on movement and association with others. Courts may impose these conditions and execute a Domestic Violence order without a respondent knowing until they have been served, and then may be forced to wait up to 6 months to defend themselves against any accusations made to support the order. The impact of a DVO can be devastating.

Domestic Violence in Queensland

Domestic violence occurs when a person, who is in a close personal relationship with another person, behaves in a way that is abusive towards the other person. The abuse does not need to be physical. It can be emotional abuse, psychological, or financial in nature, and it can include threatening language. In most cases, it will involve some control over the person who is being abused.

While no one challenges the seriousness of domestic violence, it has become all too common for domestic violence complaint to be used in the following ways:

  • As a kneejerk response to the behaviour of anger or pain they are feeling in the moment
  • To retaliate against the person they are accusing and to damage said individual’s reputation
  • To facilitate divorce or separation from the accused
  • To acquire a portion of the accused’s estate or properties
  • To use as leverage to win a child custody case
  • As a means to seek attention due to mental illness or a personality disorder

In matters of intimate and private relationships, it often comes down to one person’s version of the truth against another. At Garde Wilson Lawyers, we provide you with non-judgmental support and advice, and help you initiate a plan to ensure your rights and interests are represented in court. If a DVO has been made against you, contact us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

Has A DVO Been Made Against You?

If you’ve been wrongly targeted by a Domestic Violence Order, it can mean you’re without a home, prevented from seeing your family, and might be told where you can and can’t go and who you can and can’t see. Garde Wilson Lawyers provides vigorous defence against allegations of domestic violence and makes sure your side of the story gets heard.

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