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Have you found yourself in hot water? We’re here to help. Garde Wilson Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers are experts in criminal and traffic law, ready to take on your fight and win you back your freedom.

Remember, the criminal justice system is incredibly complex and from the moment you’re charged or arrested, anything you do and say can be held against you in court. It’s vital you get expert legal help – straight away.

It’ll be the best call you’ve made all day.

Zarah-Garde Wilson, criminal lawyer Melbourne

Have You Been Arrested Or Charged With a Criminal Offence On the Gold Coast?

Don’t entrust your freedom and future to chance. Our Gold Coast criminal lawyers are experts in the field of criminal law defence. It’s the only area of law we practice.

We understand that no matter how serious, any criminal charge can have a big impact on your life, your family, and your future. That’s why we don’t take any chances and exhaust every possibility and pursue every available legal avenue to secure your freedom.

Hesitation can cost you in the long run, so don’t wait. Exercise your right to the best legal representation and contact Garde Wilson Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers now for a free and confidential case assessment.

How Can Garde Wilson Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers Help You?

Our team of solicitors and barristers have successfully represented thousands of people across Australia for all manner of criminal and traffic charges.

Our philosophy is simple: We Fight, You Win. As your advocates, we provide open, honest guidance, in plain English. We’ll explain your options and provide you with choices, not simply drag you from pillar to post while you’re feeling left in the dark.

At Garde Wilson, you’ll be treated like a human – not a number. From first call to courtroom appearance, you’ll be treated with respect and given the finest criminal defence available on the Gold Coast.

We're Experts in Criminal & Traffic Law Defence

Why Choose Garde Wilson Lawyers?


Gold Coast criminal defence specialist with more than 20 years of successful practice in defending charges ranging from minor driving offences to murder – Garde Wilson Lawyers carry an unrivalled tenure in defence against all criminal offences. Never leave your future or freedom in the hands of anyone but the best. Avoid jail, minimise or avoid licence loss and call our legal team today.


Garde-Wilson Lawyers reputation in matters of criminal defence is unmatched. Led by founding partner, Zarah Garde-Wilson, our team has provided advocacy and representation in some of Australia’s toughest cases, utilising unparalleled knowledge of the criminal justice system, courtroom prowess, and depth of expertise.

Focus on You

When you have Garde Wilson Lawyers behind you in court, you have a team of professional legal and administrative personnel at your disposal to best help you achieve an outstanding result for your case. Whether it be avoiding a jail term or keeping your licence, we specialise in achieving remarkable outcomes for clients in all criminal jurisdictions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

27 November 2023
Massive thank you to Lucy and Amanda for their work in achieving the best possible outcome. Really reassuring to have that kind of support.
Shannon Doherty
Shannon Doherty
23 November 2023
I recieved excellent legal representation from Lucy and Amanda. This was an extremely painful and emotional time in my life and Both Amanda and Lucy handled my case from beginning to end with empathy, kindness and understanding. I am forever grateful and moving on with my new life. I was at rock bottom and feeling worthless about myself however Amanda was like a beacon of hope and helped me become a man again. Without hesitation, I give Lucy and Amanda my highest recommendation.
9 June 2023
The absolute best law firm in Australia Zarah and Mitch are the best of the best you couldn't ask for better representation
Michael McCray
Michael McCray
8 June 2023
I can recommend Garde Wilson Lawyers, Garde Wilson are professional, and will get the best outcome for you. They have a great team. Isabelle, Amanda & Mitch are wonderful!
Valerie McDonnell
Valerie McDonnell
8 June 2023
Great experience with Amanda and Isabelle and am happy with the outcome. They were professional, caring and got the job done. Would recommend to anyone who needs legal help.
Os H
Os H
26 May 2023
Extremely satisfied. Did the homework that gave me the outcome we were expecting
3 May 2023
Amazing company with amazing people. Huge thank you to Mitch, Amanda, Kelvin and Isabella. Professional, passionate and thorough going above and beyond to put my best interests to the forefront. Would recommend them to anyone who needs someone to listen, care and fight for you.
Lyn Gregory
Lyn Gregory
3 May 2023
A huge thank you to Garde Wilson for an amazing job done in support of my son in his legal battle. From the start Mitch was extremely helpful and informative and explained the process in detail. Amanda went above and beyond to keep us up to date and very well informed along the course of the process in a very professional but caring way... her professionalism and friendliness is a credit to her and the company. Kelvin Pearson did a sterling job in understanding the situation and working towards the very best outcome we were assured would ensue. Even after one small hiccup in the process we were confident we were in the best hands possible. A big thank you also to Isabelle Macnicol on the day in court. I highly recommend Garde Wilson
28 February 2023
I highly recommend Amanda and her team, can’t thank her enough for the quick actions in response to my matter Amanda really knows her stuff
Callum Hutchins
Callum Hutchins
27 February 2023
Would of been better off representing myself. Did not say what happened, hid important details about the excessive force the police used and didn't acknowledge the clearly false police report, useless and a waste of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have been charged you will receive a charge sheet and summary outlining the allegation being made against you. This will usually contain a court date in which you have been summoned or bailed to appear at court on to become answerable to the allegations made against you. It is crucial you get the best legal advice at this stage to ensure you protect not only your freedom, but your future.

There are two primary types of offences that police can charge you with. That being Summary Offences (less serious penalties) and Serious Indictable Offences (severe penalties applicable).

It is of the utmost important that your lawyer explain the difference between the two types of charges to you and why your charges are contained within the applied section of legislation. Talk to Garde Wilson Lawyers today for FREE and find out where you stand.

The answer to this question is usually NO. It is YOUR right to participate in a record of interview, not the police’s right. In most cases, the less you say the better given that anything you say or do can and will be used against you by the police when your case gets to court. However, some cases reflect a better result when police cooperation is provided on your part. Always seek legal advice from a criminal defence specialist such as Garde Wilson Lawyers before talking to police.

In all cases, your best defence is a lawyer who specialises in criminal defence and has expertise in the area you are alleged to have committed an offence. A criminal defence lawyer can help you to avoid charges before they are laid, avoid convictions, lessen penalties such as monetary fines, avoid and shorten terms of imprisonment, assist you in receiving a Community Corrections Order before receiving a sentence of imprisonment. ALWAYS seek advice from your lawyer before attempting to navigate the criminal justice system. Your future is worth it.

At times yes, when a criminal defence specialist assesses your case and represents you in court, they should ALWAYS make you aware of the likelihood of avoiding a conviction. Unfortunately, it does not matter how minor or seemingly insignificant an offence is. If you have been charged and a court is to hear your matter then a record will be noted of this offence. Unless the charges are withdrawn through the assistance of a criminal defence specialist. The ability or likeliness to avoid a conviction regarding your charges is on a strict case by case basis. Get FREE advice on your charges before you leave it too late.

Whether you have been to court previously or this is your first time, an array of outcomes can eventuate from a criminal offence.

Dismissal – This is when a magistrate finds you guilty but decides to not record a conviction against your record and dismisses your charges.

Discharge – A discharge is when you attend court, the magistrate finds you guilty but regardless does not impose a penalty against you for the said offence.

Adjourned Undertaking – This is at times called a good behaviour bond. An adjourned undertaking is when a magistrate or judge has you make a promise to the court of various conditions whereas you are released pending you agree to the conditions set by the court. Conditions such as good behaviour, donation to the court fund or a charity or the completion of a course are just some of the likely conditions attached to an adjourned undertaking. Ask us today if an outcome such as this is likely in your case.

Fines – Some criminal offences can carry a financial penalty where the magistrate or judge imposes or orders you to pay an amount appropriate to the offence you have committed. Although inconvenient and at times not feasible, a punitive outcome such as a fine is at more times than not a favourable outcome by a court. The amount of the fine is applicable on a case by case basis and takes the offence, severity of offence, prior conviction and circumstances into account to match the offence committed.

Diversion Program – The diversion program is an outcome for first time offenders and allows the individual to completely avoid the criminal conviction and justice stream. Ask one of our specialists if your case is likely to be considered for diversion. There are many conditions that are appropriate for consideration when applying for a diversion and you should be sure to get sound advice from an experienced legal defence lawyer before applying for a diversion.

In Victoria’s legal system, it is good manners and consistent with sound court etiquette to arrive at court on time. The regular starting time for a Magistrates Court in Victoria is 9:30 AM.

The time and date of your case is important as this will allow you prepare appropriately for your appearance regardless of whether it is a contest, filing hearing, plea in mitigation or just a mention. The Magistrates Court provides the community with a search tool for listed hearings which can be accessed by clicking HERE. The majority hearings at the Magistrates Court are open to the public to sit in on, this can mean at certain times students can be there attending as part of their curriculum, family members of accused individuals, members of the Victorian police along with lawyers and their clients appearing on the same date for their respective case.

It is good practice to know when, how and why when dealing with a Magistrate or member of the judiciary. Appropriate clothing is to be worn as a guideline only given the Courts are a place of respect and law. You should always dress semi-formally and in respectable manner. When you enter a courtroom it is good manners to take a slight bow when opening the door before you enter or proceed to sit in the Court. Whenever a Magistrate or Judge speaks directly at you, you are to stand at all times unless directed by the Magistrate or Judge to remain seated. When your name is called, you proceed to the front of the room and take a seat in the middle of the front row between the prosecution with your lawyer sitting at the bar table. Garde WIlson Lawyers will provide you with guidance on all procedures regarding the process and application of Court etiquette. Contact us today for a FREE case assessment and get yourself prepared to receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Have You Been Charged With A Drug Offence On The Gold Coast?

It is important to take allegations of drug charges under Queensland law seriously. A wide range of offences carry penalties ranging from drug diversion programs to lengthy prison sentences.

The earlier you seek legal advice, the better off you will be in the long run. Even a small possession charge can have serious consequences for your career and future travel plans.

Contacting Garde Wilson Gold Coast criminal lawyers, as soon as you’ve been charged with a drug offence, can be the difference between a hefty fine or even jail time, and your freedom.

You need to know your rights during a police investigation. We can represent you if you are charged to appear in court or in the Crime and Corruption Commission. Our team knows hoow to prepare drug cases for trial, and we have defended clients successfully against drug charges in courts at every level in every jurisdiction.

We will be with you every step of the way. We will deal with the police and the courts. We will explain the drug laws and court processes in plain English. We will listen and work with you to formulate a realistic plan. As well as helping you with rehabilitation programs, screening and psychological reports, we can also assist you with plea bargaining if you are charged with drugs under Queensland law.

Even if this is your first charge, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can represent yourself in court. Your future isn’t worth risking or playing roulette with. Contact Garde Wilson Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers immediately to get the legal representation you deserve.

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