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Get the Best
Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Melbourne's Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer

Zarah is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and is a registered practitioner with the High Court of Australia. With more than 20 years’ experience in the criminal defence arena, Zarah has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most successful and capable criminal defence lawyers. She has appeared in some of Australia’s most complex and high profile criminal proceedings widely covered in the media. Garde Wilson Lawyers are the experts in criminal defence – it’s the only law we practice.

If you are facing criminal charges ranging from simple traffic matters through to the most serious offences, we can provide the services that you require at all stages of the legal process to secure the best outcome. Our 24 hour emergency helpline will provide you with the immediate advice you need. This will ensure you avoid making any mistakes that will damage your case. Your conduct in the first few hours of arrest is critical to your defence and you should only rely on an expert for this advice.

Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyer

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With more than 20 years' experience in successfully defending charges ranging from minor driving offences to murder - Garde Wilson Lawyers carry an unrivalled tenure in defence against all criminal offences. Never leave your future or freedom in the hands of anyone but the best. Avoid jail, minimise or avoid licence loss and call our legal team today.

Focused on you

When you have Garde Wilson Lawyers behind you in court, you have a team of professional legal and administrative personnel at your disposal to best help you achieve an outstanding result for your case. Whether it be avoiding a jail term or keeping your licence, we specialise in achieving remarkable outcomes for clients in all criminal jurisdictions.


Garde-Wilson Lawyers reputation in matters of criminal defence is unmatched. Led by founding partner, Zarah Garde-Wilson, our team has provided advocacy and representation in some of Australia's toughest cases, utilising unparalleled knowledge of the criminal justice system, courtroom prowess, and depth of expertise.

What to expect from the Criminal Justice System?

The system can seem incredibly daunting at times. Which stage are you currently in?

What happens when I'm charged?

Step by Step Explanation of the Justice System

Initial Interview

This takes place either on the side of the road or at the police station when the police first contact you about an alleged offence and your involvement in it. You should always seek legal advice before speaking to any member of the Victorian police when concerned with an allegation.

You are charged

Once police have completed their interview with you, if they feel they have sufficient evidence to have the allegations found proven, they will charge you. They will issue you with paperwork outlining the offences you are charged with. This paperwork is vital to our defence.

Summons or Bail?

Whether you are summoned to court or bailed to appear at court depends on the charges. Bail is when the police have  released you into the custody of a person who gives an undertaking that you will appear at a specified time and place to answer the charge against you. Have you been bailed to appear at court?

Court Appearance

The final step is attending court for your case to be heard by a magistrate or judge. Any case that goes before a court is serious. Court opens at 9am each day and we will be there to ensure you do not face this stressful task alone. We speak to the prosecutors, court staff and manage the whole process by standing by you and speaking on your behalf for your best interests.

Why Choose Garde Wilson Lawyers?

We understand better than most the stress and angst that a criminal charge or circumstance can cause. From the moment you are charged, it is crucial to be informed of your legal rights and have a lawyer made available to you as per the criminal procedure enacted in the Criminal Procedure Act 2009. We know the law, the procedure that must be followed and will ensure your liberties, well being and future are taken care of with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

  • Criminal defence specialist with more than 20 years of successful practice.
  • A reputation for winning complex cases and achieving successful outcomes in all courts throughout Australia.
  • No judgement, ever! We carry each of our clients through the system with care and expertise.
  • Be careful of lawyers who charge excessive legal fees and just plead you guilty. Get sound advice and protect your future.
  • Garde Wilson Lawyers know the courts, know the system and know what is most important to you and your family.
  • Your case matters Get the best criminal lawyers to protect your freedom and future.
  • Affordable Fixed Legal Fees We always keep our fees fixed and see out your case from start to finish.

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