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Drink Driving, Lawyer
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Garde Wilson Lawyers are experts in handling all ranges of drink driving offences in Melbourne. From 1st time offenders through to high range offenders with prior and relevant history; we can ensure the following:

  1. No extended or harsh loss of license, and
  2. No lengthy community correction orders, and
  3. No terms of imprisonment

People caught on numerous occasions over the prescribed blood alcohol limit often face a term of imprisonment as they present as a clear and obvious risk to the community. To leave such an offence to a lawyer or firm that do not specialize in criminal defence would be an unforgiving mistake. We handle numerous cases of low to high range drink driving every week and have a tremendous record for achieving outstanding results against the police prosecution.

There are at times a strong case to defend a charge of Drink Driving with certain occasions resulting in the withdrawal of all charges. Although linked, alcohol related driving and traffic offences include the refusal to participate in an alcohol test, driving in a manner dangerous, failing to have control of the vehicle, XPCA or drink driving and driving while impaired. Charges of this sort usually have various alternative charges attached to them and rarely come as a stand alone charge. Do not risk your criminal record being unreasonably impacted by a listing or conviction of a charge such as these.

There are particular defences which at times are appropriate for submission, these being:

  1. Dispute of fact regarding the refusal of a breath test,
  2. Member of the police providing incorrect legal advice,
  3. Dispute regarding whether you HAD control of the vehicle in question,
  4. Machine report error concerning the device used to test the accused.

Any of these defences may be applicable to your case and Garde Wilson Lawyers can quickly assist you in establishing this. Speak to one of our criminal defence specialists about how to get the best result for your approaching drink driving offence in Melbourne.

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