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Assault charges can carry a variety of sentences in Victorian courts. Varying from fines and behaviour bonds and scaling all the way up to lengthy jail terms. Your rights and freedom are worth too much to leave to chance. At Garde Wilson Law, we provide you with powerful representation and defence for assault charges across a wide range of offences under both the Summary Offences Act 1966 and the Crimes Act 1958.

If you have been charged by the Victorian or Federal Police from an incident involving assault charges, get in touch with our legal team immediately. With more than 20 years’ experience, Garde Wilson Law have handled thousands of cases involving assault charges with exceptional outcomes in all State and Federal courts and jurisdictions.

Can I go to Jail for Assault Charges?

All matters that go before a magistrate or judge concerning assault are taken extremely seriously. Without professional and highly qualified legal advice and representation, you could forego your ability to travel overseas, gain future employment and potentially land yourself in a term of immediate imprisonment.

All violence based offences relating to assault charges carry the potential of a custodial sentence such as;

  • Unlawful assault
  • Intentionally cause injury
  • Recklessly causing injury
  • Affray
  • Rioting
  • Armed with criminal intent
  • Extortion with threats to kill
  • Threats to cause serious injury
  • Kidnapping, and
  • Aggravated burglary

All circumstances are important when determining the best and most favourable way to resolve assault charges. The victims involved, if weapons were used, the location of the assault charges, circumstances leading up to the incident, the injuries sustained by the victims, if any, if provocation was an element or whether a defence of self defence is applicable to the assault charges are all fundamental in obtaining a favourable result. Assault charges are rarely just a single charge, they more often than not spiral into a multitude of charges. This is why it is important to get legal advice in the earliest instance so as to avoid a combination charge or excessive alternative charges. We will case conference and rigorously challenge the prosecution on the burden of proof so as to avoid any offences being unlawfully found proven against you.

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