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Zarah Garde-Wilson is a criminal defence law expert renowned for handling tough cases and championing her client’s rights before the courts. As a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Victoria and a registered practitioner of the High Court of Australia, Zarah has built an unmatched reputation for skilful advocacy and steadfast commitment to social justice. Early in her career, Zarah was called on to provide legal representation in some of Australia’s most widely-reported criminal law cases during the height of Melbourne’s gang wars. Since then, Zarah has continued to successfully defend clients facing serious criminal charges, applying her sophisticated knowledge of the law and deep knowledge of the criminal justice system. Zarah regularly appears and instructs in a diverse range of criminal matters in all jurisdictions in Victoria and across Australia including complex drug matters, violent crime, criminal syndicate, homicide and fraud matters. Zarah is passionate about protecting defendants’ rights to a fair trial. In her fight for fairness in the criminal justice system, Zarah has played a pivotal role in exposing the questionable tactics employed by police in obtaining convictions. Most recently, Zarah contributed to the uncovering of ‘Lawyer X’ and the launching of a Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants. Zarah regularly appears in the media to discuss criminal law issues and provide insights into the Australian criminal justice system.

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Garde Wilson Lawyers are criminal law specialists with a track record of success acting as both solicitors and barristers for our clients. This depth of talent and expertise means we can provide outstanding legal advice and strategy, as well as highly specialised courtroom representation in all criminal court jurisdictions.

Our lawyers have represented clients in high-profile cases and we pride ourselves on having the skills and expertise needed to win our clients favourable verdicts. We assemble the best legal teams to fight your case and draw on the best third-party providers to supply medical, psychological, forensic or technological expertise.

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Mitchell Fraser

Mitchell Fraser

As Client Services Manager and Senior Law Clerk at Garde Wilson Lawyers, Mitchell bridges exceptional service with tireless advocacy to create excellent client experiences and optimal legal outcomes. Justice-driven and motivated to help people through tough times, he excels in extending understanding; championing our clients’ well-being, as well as their legal rights.

Mitchell provides start-to-finish support to Garde Wilson Lawyers’ clients; from first call through to courtroom appearances, and possesses a strong understanding of the Victorian Criminal Justice System and its processes. He has extensive experience preparing court documents, co-ordinating medico-legal assessments, and acting on clients’ behalf with prosecution and police.

With energy, empathy and an unshakeable dedication to upholding the highest professional standards, Mitchell strives to empower each client we act for, both as a personal trademark and as the standard bearer of Garde Wilson’s culture and ethos.

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