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Call us today for a FREE case assessment. If you have been served with a summons to appear at court for traffic or driving offences then come and talk to our highly experienced team of barristers and solicitors.

A first offence may on face value seem like a minor problem, but if this minor offence is coupled with a further minor offence it can lead to serious penalties if you should face court with a relevant prior offence on your history.

Our legal team appear weekly in courts all over Victoria helping people charged with;

Why is it important to avoid harsh penalties on such driving matters?

Although there is an obvious answer to this question, the less obvious answer derives from the avoidance of climbing the sentencing scale on a further matter. Notwithstanding the general deterrence factors of sentencing considerations, the negative impact convictions can have on your professional career and travel plans to other countries can be relentlessly punishing.

Zarah Garde Wilson and the team at Garde Wilson Lawyers pride themselves on achieving remarkable outcomes across all offences heard by a court contained in the Road Safety Act 1986. At Garde Wilson Lawyers, we understand the devastating effect that a conviction or more so, a wrongfully obtained conviction, can do to you and your family’s future. Talk to us today to find out how to dispose of your case in the most effective way possible. Don’t leave your future in the hands of anyone but Melbourne’s most experienced criminal and traffic law firm.

Why choose Garde Wilson Lawyers?

We understand better than most the stress and angst that a criminal charge or circumstance can cause. From the moment you are charged, it is crucial to be informed of your legal rights and have a lawyer made available to you as per the criminal procedure enacted in the Criminal Procedure Act 2009. We know the law, the procedure that must be followed and will ensure your liberties, well being and future are taken care of with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Garde Wilson Lawyers are the ONLY choice for your traffic offence.

We can help you;
  • Avoid a custodial sentence,
  • Avoid long and lengthy community correction orders,
  • Minimise your licence loss and at times prevent any licence loss at all,
  • Keep monetary penalties to a bare minimum if any at all.

Never risk getting advice from anyone but a firm that has significant proven and positive experience in achieving the best results in criminal and traffic offences in Victoria.

At times, traffic offences carry more than fines and minor punishments. At times they can even carry a custodial sentence if the right advice and representation is not sought. A jail term will affect much more than your financial position.

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