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    Recent decisions in Victorian courts show that courts are more considerate than ever of surrounding circumstances when deciding bail applications. If you have been arrested for a non-violent crime, are in remand awaiting trial, or have a loved one currently serving a sentence who is suffering from diabetes, asthma or a heart condition – we strongly encourage you to speak to one of our criminal law experts about lodging an application for bail.


    We Protect Your Future, Freedom & Financial Security.

    Whether you’ve been charged with drink driving or arrested for serious criminal offence, it’s vital you get the best legal advice and representation from lawyers who understand your case.

    Criminal law is the only area of law we practice. We’ve built a strong reputation for fearless, tireless and focused defence of our client’s rights. Getting YOU the best outcome is our top priority.

    What Happens When I’m Charged?

    This takes place either on the side of the road or at the police station when the police first contact you about an alleged offence and your involvement in it. You should always seek legal advice before speaking to any member of the Victorian police when concerned with an allegation.

    Once police have completed their interview with you, if they feel they have sufficient evidence to have the allegations found proven, they will charge you. They will issue you with paperwork outlining the offences you are charged with. This paperwork is vital to our defence.

    Whether you are summoned to court or bailed to appear at court depends on the charges. Bail is when the police have released you into the custody of a person who gives an undertaking that you will appear at a specified time and place to answer the charge against you. Have you been bailed to appear at court?

    The final step is attending court for your case to be heard by a magistrate or judge. Any case that goes before a court is serious. Court opens at 9am each day and we will be there to ensure you do not face this stressful task alone. We speak to the prosecutors, court staff and manage the whole process by standing by you and speaking on your behalf for your best interests.

    Our criminal lawyers are passionate advocates, committed to making sure your experience being charged or arrested doesn’t dismantle your life. Whatever legal problem you’re facing, we provide the same high level of criminal law defence and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for every client.

    The system only works when everyone’s rights are protected, including yours. Garde Wilson Lawyers has a track record of shining a light on corruption, incompetence and unfairness. We won’t shy away from calling out foul-play and fiercely protecting our clients rights, whether it be from overzealous policing, or from entities that seek to use the courtroom to advance a political agenda at your expense.

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    Why Choose Garde Wilson Lawyers?


    For over 20 years, Garde Wilson Lawyers has focused on one legal field – criminal defence law. It’s the only area of law we practice.

    In that time, we’ve helped thousands of people keep their licence, keep their record clean, and stay out of jail.

    Our wealth of experience and advanced criminal law knowledge doesn’t mean we keep you in the dark. We speak a language you understand and make sure your informed and empowered.


    Being your lawyer means more to us than just defending you in court.

    We’ve built a reputation for fearless, tireless and focused commitment to our clients. From day one, we’re always easy to access and ready to respond to your concerns or provide fast-acting advice whenever you need help.

    When you choose Garde Wilson Lawyers, we don’t take you for granted. Until your matter is put to rest, your legal team is only a phone-call away.


    Facing court is an incredibly stressful and even traumatic experience. When you’re going though life’s toughest times, you need a lawyer who can offer more than just the best legal strategy.

    With Garde Wilson Lawyers, you’ll be treated like a human, not a case number.

    You don’t have to fight this battle alone, be judged or feel humiliated. We see the person behind the charges and support you through the challenges a criminal case will bring.

    See what our clients are saying:


    I couldn’t believe what a mess I’d created for myself and my family. Things had got so out of hand, and I was looking at a term of prison. Garde Wilson literally saved my life. My kids, wife and I wouldn’t be where we are today without their help. Forever grateful. Why speak to anyone else but the best. She’s amazing.

    Eshan G, Narre Warren

    It was my first time in court for driving charges. These guys literally stepped in and fixed the whole thing up for me. They kept it simple, explained everything, and all I had to do was turn up. They did absolutely everything else. Legends!

    Simranjeet S, Meadow Heights

    Garde Wilson Lawyers helped me to get out of trouble for the third time. I was so scared I was going to get sent to jail. They not only kept me out of prison, but they allowed me to put this behind me and focus on what matters. Zarah and her team are unbelieveable. Thank you so much once again.

    Steph H, Glen Waverley

    Transparent, Fixed Fees.
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    At Garde Wilson Lawyers, we know how stressful facing a criminal charge can be and not knowing much your lawyer will cost you is simply another thing to worry about.

    Our Fixed Fee approach gives you more certainty and peace of mind knowing exactly what legal services will be provided and precisely how much we charge, up-front. Here’s what that means for you:

    1. You Don’t Pay By The Hour
      It’s in both our interests to make sure your matter is concluded in a timely manner.
    2. Better Communication
      You don’t have to worry that every phone-call with us will cost you something.
    3. No Hidden Extras
      Fixed Fee means exactly that. No additional charges for the agreed scope of work.
    4. Our Focus Is Defence
      We don’t waste time monitoring the time spent on your case. We do what it takes to win.

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      We protect your privacy. All discussions with Garde Wilson Lawyers are completely confidential and protected by law.