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Fraud, Dishonesty and Theft
charges in Melbourne

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Protect your national criminal record against fraud or dishonesty offences.

At times, a minor offence concerning theft and dishonesty can have minor punitive elements handed down by a court. However, the repercussions of having a conviction of this nature far outweigh the punishment from the courts. Nearly all employers in today’s age require some form of character reference or criminal check before offering a job to an individual. Do not let yourself become vulnerable to having a job given to another candidate because of a minor fraudulent offence you committed years prior.

You need the best legal team to assist you in defending or mitigating the charges so as to avoid harsh sentencing options being discretionarily handed down by the magistrate or judge. We are experienced fraud and theft lawyers in Melbourne that can provide immediate advice and instructions for you to best equip yourself throughout not only the court proceedings, but also the preliminary procedure such as the police interview and process of being charged. We can handle your case from the minute police attempt to contact you. Do not wait until it is too late, get the best criminal defence from the best fraud lawyers in Melbourne at Garde Wilson Lawyers.

The context of the offence matters – The devil is in the details.

In nearly all cases of fraud, theft or dishonesty offences being alleged against you, the circumstances of the victim and who they are, your position of trust, premeditation and planning put into the dishonesty and the amount of theft or deception carry weight with respect to the severity of the offence. Let our highly experienced legal professionals provide you with sound, competent and proven advice to get you through the process from start to finish with the best POSSIBLE outcome.

Serious fraud and dishonesty offences.

When the amount is greater than $100,000 AUD, the matter will be heard at the County Court of Victoria. This type of fraud or theft offence carries much more severe penalties and can, at times, have a prison sentence attached to the punishment. We have acted, appeared and defended everything from minor offences and scaling up to multi million dollar deception charges and white collar crime with highly successful outcomes and at times, having charges dismissed and withdrawn before getting to Court. Get yourself the best legal representation from Melbourne’s best fraud and dishonesty lawyers today.

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