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Can't Live Without Your Licence?

Have you been charged with a traffic offence and facing loss of your licence?

Garde Wilson Lawyers is here to help. We’re experts in criminal and traffic law. It’s the only area of law we practice. So, if you’re someone who needs their license to live, the best move you can make is contact us for a free, confidential case assessment and see how we can get you back on the road and driving again sooner.

We Can Help You With These Traffic Charges:

Can You Apply For a Work Licence?

It might be possible for you to apply for a work permit if you have been charged with drug driving or drink driving in Queensland.

You Might Be Eligible If:

Just needing your license to work doesn’t automatically mean that you are eligible for a work licence. And simply turning up to court on the day doesn’t mean the court will grant you one if you are.

The legal system is highly complex and there are lots of strict criteria that need to be met to obtain a Work Licence. If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence and need your license for work, contact Garde Wilson Lawyers today to find out where you stand.

Can You Apply For a Special Hardship Licence?

Despite the fact that your normal driver’s licence has been suspended, you can still drive under special conditions under a special hardship order.

You may qualify for a Special Hardship Licence if you have breached a good behaviour period or have been charged with a speeding offence in Queensland.

You Might Be Eligible If:

Courts will not automatically grant a Special Hardship licence simply because you think you need once. Proving your need is a difficult process that demands a high level of expert legal knowledge.

If living without your licence for a long period of time means severe hardship for you, contact Garde Wilson Lawyers and discuss your case with us. It’ll be the best call you’ve made all day.

Why Choose Garde Wilson Lawyers?


Gold Coast criminal defence specialist with more than 20 years of successful practice in defending charges ranging from minor driving offences to murder – Garde Wilson Lawyers carry an unrivalled tenure in defence against all criminal offences. Never leave your future or freedom in the hands of anyone but the best. Avoid jail, minimise or avoid licence loss and call our legal team today.


Garde-Wilson Lawyers reputation in matters of criminal defence is unmatched. Led by founding partner, Zarah Garde-Wilson, our team has provided advocacy and representation in some of Australia’s toughest cases, utilising unparalleled knowledge of the criminal justice system, courtroom prowess, and depth of expertise.

Focus on You

When you have Garde Wilson Lawyers behind you in court, you have a team of professional legal and administrative personnel at your disposal to best help you achieve an outstanding result for your case. Whether it be avoiding a jail term or keeping your licence, we specialise in achieving remarkable outcomes for clients in all criminal jurisdictions.

See what our clients are saying:


I couldn’t believe what a mess I’d created for myself and my family. Things had got so out of hand, and I was looking at a term of prison. Garde Wilson literally saved my life. My kids, wife and I wouldn’t be where we are today without their help. Forever grateful. Why speak to anyone else but the best. She’s amazing.

Eshan G, Narre Warren

It was my first time in court for driving charges. These guys literally stepped in and fixed the whole thing up for me. They kept it simple, explained everything, and all I had to do was turn up. They did absolutely everything else. Legends!

Simranjeet S, Meadow Heights

Garde Wilson Lawyers helped me to get out of trouble for the third time. I was so scared I was going to get sent to jail. They not only kept me out of prison, but they allowed me to put this behind me and focus on what matters. Zarah and her team are unbelieveable. Thank you so much once again.

Steph H, Glen Waverley

Are You Facing Loss Of Licence Because Of Drink Or Drug Driving On The Gold Coast?

Don’t try to go it alone! Many people feel they can adequately represent themselves in court when facing drink or drug driving charges, believing they can obtain a Work Licence or Special Hardship Licence simply by asking for one.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, losing your licence can made it impossible to live, work, or study. All the more reason to invest in the best legal advice and representation available.

At Garde Wilson lawyers, you’ll be treated like a human, not a number. And our fee structure means everything is out on the table and you know exactly what you’re going to be charged.

Nothing is guaranteed and each judge has enormous discretion when making a ruling. But with Garde Wilson Lawyers by your side, you can be confident that every legal avenue will be pursued to ensure you’re able to get back on the road and driving again sooner.

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